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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is The Founder?

SAMUEL UNWENE is a visionary leader and expert in decorative painting. With over a decade to his sleeves, he has become a powerful force to be reckoned within the industry. Not only has he created some of the most astounding decorative wall finishes  in both commercial and residential buildings he has passionately equipped and mentored well over 100 painters in his training workshops.   He has travelled far and wide consulting for paint companies, relevant organisations and working with varied professionals within the industry. He is fondly called  BIG SAM  because of his guts to dare the impossible and deliver astonishing results. Sam , Studied painting and decorating from Federal Technical College Yaba . He possesed Trade Test certificate of competence from Federal Minitry of Labour and Productivity ,  Diploma and advance Diploma  from City&Guild of London , as well as different training certificate from Paint Manufacturing companies .   Sam Unwene is the founder of Delight Decor , Credible Craftsmen Consult, Painters Colony and Artisan School for Decorative Painting. He pride himself as the best DECORATIVE PAINTING coach in NIGERIA ( HIS RECORD SPEAKS).

Who Is a Decorative Painter?

A decorative painter is a painter with decorating skills.

How Do I Apply?

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Is Tuition Assistance Available?

Under consideration.

What Is The Code Of Conduct Of The School?

1 – Obligation to the industry – We shall strive to develop young men and women to be “Wall Class” decorative painters that will not only create beautiful finishes but will be credible to do business with, in other  that promotes true proficiency and capacity in the industry growth.


  • Curriculum

The school shall not knowingly confuse their student base through semantics with the intention of holding customer loyalty.

The school shall fully disclose their curriculum content to their students prior to enrollment.

The school shall implement the most thorough curriculums possible.

  • Instructors

The school shall recruit and retains the most highly trained and seasoned decorative painters as instructors. We shall engage them in annual continuing education.

  • Support

The school shall strive to support product manufacturers when possible by bridging the gaps of communication between them and their consumers through qualitative training programs for the end users (painters) throughout the country.


2 – Obligation to students. The school shall provide valuable knowledge to trainees, encompassing wholly the claims made in advertisement or school literature.


Classroom environment

The school shall provide the best learning environment possible. Accurately conveying information.

Hands-on training methods and practice is our integral scheme of work. Internship programs of two month is a most to all our trainee in other raise their confidence.

What Certificate Will Trainees Acquire?

  1. Master craft certificate of proficiency in decorative painting from the school.
  2. Trade test certificate in painting and decorating from Federal ministry of labour and productivity ( only for trainees who choose to add academics to their program )
  3. Certificate and  diploma in painting and decorating from City and Guilds of London. ( only for trainees who choose to add academics to their program )

Why The Phrase ``Wall Class``?

When a wall finishing is exceptional, we call it wall class.

What Is Decorative Painting?

Decorative Painting is the art of creating beautiful wall finishes using both classic and trendy paint materials.

How Much Does It Cost To Attend?

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Are There Scholarships Available?

Please be patient!

We are soliciting scholarship awards for our trainees and will provide application information as it becomes available.

Is Artisan School For Decorative Painting An Accredited School?

The School is a non-accredited school. There is no current accrediting body for the professional field of decorative painting recognized by the Federal ministry of Education. The school however will continually work in conjunction with the Professional Decorative Painting Body’s, Paint Companies, Federal ministry of labour and productivity, City & Guild and relevant associations on industry standards for endorsement and accreditation. We will work in compliance with their laid down Accreditation Standards. The school’s program is recognized by peer groups within the industry of professional decorative painting as one of the most advanced and seasoned programs in Nigeria. It is our hope that over time, this relevant body’s will be recognized as an accrediting body by the Federal ministry of Education.